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About Easy Jacks™

Proudly South African. Made in South Africa. This product is manufactured using the most technically advanced methods ensuring precision and consistency whilst maintaining the highest level of quality. The product has been designed and created to revolutionize current work methods regarding removal and fitment of wheels on heavy commercial vehicles and in so doing provide the following intrinsic and emotional benefits to consumers and users:

Improve Health and Safety in the workplace
- Considering that truck tires weight in excess of 100kg, this product will provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules and regulations issued under the OSH Act whilst reduce fatalities due to serious sprains, strains, fracture and lacerations.
Improved Efficiency and Turnaround Time
- We guarantee you quicker wheel changes thus putting your wheels on the road faster.
Savings in Costs on Threads and Rims
- Current tire changing methodology's (as can be seen from video link below) are damaging to the rims and threads which in the medium will require truck owners to replace and/or repair these items.



‎• Easy Jacks™ are manufactured using state of the art technologies.

‎• Easy Jacks™ have been designed for wheels of heavy commercial trucks and trailers.

‎•The tool has excellent strength due to thick metal plating and is built to last.

‎•It is weather resistant due to its power coated surface and it's galvanized parts.

‎•It incorporates reflective sides so as can be seen during night use.

‎•The ergonomic handle can be used in two ways:
When in a locked position it can be used to pick up the tool for easy transportation, when in an unlocked position it can be used to push and pull the Easy Jack™.

‎• The tool is easy to maintain and has a very low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

‎• No damage to truck bolt threading. No more damage/scratching of rims.

‎• Easy Jacks™ are foldable and can be stored easily. 15 seconds to setup and pack up.

‎•Easy Jacks™ is the safest, fastest and most cost efficient way to remove and fit heavy truck and trailer tyres. It is the way tyres should be changed.





Easy Jacks™ is committed to building partnerships with the objective of making this product available globally. Our research has shown that this is a very unique product and nothing like it exists on a global scale. Our mission is to improve health & safety, efficiency and thereby delivering a cost effective solution to a common task in the heavy commercial truck industry. Come and join in this exciting journey.